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The Community

All proceeds from The Market and my Patreon keep the lights on, go to giveaways and charitable ventures.

If you would like to tag along on my fundraiser for Worldbuilders, click here!

Please visit the collective Stories & Tales of the Aught (something similar to what I have been thinking about doing down the line, but a brilliant suggestion thanks to a incredibly supportive Wanderer, December), where you can contribute your own Stories & Tales! Using the reddit platform, simply sign up and make a comment under a topic or create your own prompt. Let’s create a story together!

Alongside The Community, we will create folding stories by taking turns writing a sentence, paragraph or more after someone gives us a prompt creating endless opportunities of strange stories, and even derivatives! Others are encouraged to keep the story going to see where they end up.

Stories that are winners will be featured in Sayer Teller’s Stories & Tales, and authors will be given credit, interviewed and featured within this series, if they so choose. Let’s see what we can come up with, on this blank canvas of ours!

For a more nightmarish variant, visit The Naught. Enter at your own risk!

Below lies the Thoughtstream of The Aught. Feel free to Jot a Thought!

General questions, site recommendations, discussions of any sort… Whatever your heart desires!

21 thoughts on “The Community

  1. Is there any chance we could get writers involved in a “FoldingStory” type of idea where it starts with one person writing a prompt for the story, and each subsequent person adds one line or one paragraph? There would have to be rules and guidelines (like no obscenities), but is it possible to make that a part of the site and build community that way?

      1. I’m glad, my friend ๐Ÿ™‚ if you would like to brainstorm together on it, let me know. It’d be rather fitting for two complete strangers likely not from the same state to start this sort of thing together.

      2. I just may have to take you up on that, December. I have had a certain idea in mind for Sayer Teller’s Stories & Tales which were supposed to come much later down the line that is supposed to involve the community, but I think I may have a way to bridge your idea with this one! I’ll look into options and get back to you!

      3. I’ve updated The Community to feature something just like what you’re talking about through a platform called reddit. I hope you can join so I can make you a moderator, as you had the brilliant idea of getting the community in on this in the first place! Hope to hear some good tales! Thanks December, you’re the best.

    1. Good to have you! The best for me is to know that I’m doing my part in giving back to those who deserve a good shot at life, whether it be building real world skills, developing passions, finding kids a home or feeding the hungry, and that’s why I’ve chosen the ones on the poll, but you can always add your own idea. It’s certainly up to you! I’ll be giving to all of them. The community will decide what percentage by casting their votes, however.

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